The Legacy of the Angels (LOTA) is a spiritual organization broadly devoted to healing this planet by eliminating needless human suffering. How? By inspiring and facilitating millions of people whom we call "Angels" to create, finance and successfully operate "Angelic Missions" that address and transform the underlying causes of suffering. Our intention is to establish a new "Legacy of Light" that empowers humanity to live in Peace, Love, Prosperity, Health and Joy.


Next service:

  • Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Culver City, California

Space is limited. Currently, we do not publish our street address. If you would like to attend, please email us for address and parking info: .

Our Services typically last about one hour and are held quarterly. You are cordially invited to join us in God's Light for our services.

Beginning in June 2015, our services focused on rain rituals to alleviate the California drought emergency before the first day of summer 2017. With the Grace of God, that has been achieved! Hallelujah!

We serve delicious, organic, vegetarian food and non-alcoholic beverages at services, and we invite you to bring vegetarian food as well (no meat, poultry, fish or shellfish).


The LOTA vision is vast and includes the transformation of many fields and industries into the Light, including:

  • Computing (e.g. AngelBase)
  • Science (e.g. The G Proof)
  • Industrial finance (e.g. Sacred Venture Investing)
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Gender and sexuality (e.g. The Prostitution Delusion)
  • Arts and entertainment
  • News reporting
  • Education
  • World population
  • Prisons
  • Taxation
  • Money
  • Law
  • Government

LOTA defines "Angel" as any Being who is sincerely devoted to serving God on the basis of Love, Goodness, Truth, Peace, Joy, Caring and Generosity. Membership in LOTA is free but requires taking a written spiritual vow to be an Angel. Are YOU an Angel? If so, please join us by taking the vow on our Angel Membership Form. Then start thinking about your Angelic Mission. We, as Angels, are doing the work to heal the planet and lift it into the Light.

One purpose of our worship services is to help people grow spiritually so they can conceive, create and carry out their own Angelic Missions. This includes developing the necessary strength, knowledge and wisdom. It includes preparing spiritually to receive funding. And it includes finding fulfillment in contributing to our new Legacy of Light as it transforms the world. Angel Members of LOTA are encouraged to attend services.

God bless you!

Reverend Mark Laurence Donald Emerson