Angelic Rain Rituals: Join Us

To End the 2015 California Drought Emergency

Guidelines for Watching the Rain Ritual Video

If you have not already done so, please read on our Home page about the three Hydrological Regions we focus on in the ritual.

For the rain ritual to be effective, it is important that it be treated as sacred. When viewing and listening to the video of the ritual, you are actually PARTICIPATING in the ritual, and, if you have the right frame of mind, your consciousness will help to make more rain. Therefore, we respectfully request:

  1. Please view the video in a quite, peaceful room.
  2. Please turn off all other sources of distraction, including TV, radio, stereo, games and cell phones.
  3. Please do not accept calls or read texts during the ritual.
  4. Please do not consume alcohol, tobacco or drugs during the ritual.
  5. Please sit comfortably and relax, where you can see and hear the video.
  6. Please consciously join us in prayer during the video when we pray.
  7. Please consciously join us in meditation during the video when we meditate.
  8. Please chant "Om" with us three times at the beginning and three times at the end of the ritual.

Video of Our Angelic Rain Ritual

The rain ritual is performed by Reverend Mark Laurence Donald Emersion, who recites the rain prayer, and by Reverend Julia Greenhalgh who leads the meditation and pours the water.

Note: the ritual video is NOT for entertainment. It's purpose is to MAKE RAIN!

Angelic Rain Ritual to End the 2015 California Drought Emergency (25 minutes)

Some Details about the Rain Ritual

The background music is Chopin's Raindrop Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15. It was composed in Majorca in 1838, which he evidently composed during a rainstorm. For more than 170 years, it has been known as the "Raindrop Prelude," and tens (perhaps hundreds) of millions of people have heard the raindrops in this exquisite musical masterpiece. That longstanding consciousness of raindrops is encoded in this music. Moreover, to avoid copyright problems, we hired an outstanding and very conscious pianist, Jeremy Weinglass, to record this performance, which he did with our rain rituals specifically in mind. Thank you, Jeremy!

The background rain sound was consciously recorded in Texas by TexasHighDef and is used GRATEFULLY with permission.

During the meditation, Reverend Julia calls upon several Archangels. She also blows on a piece of Fulgurite, which is a delicate crystal created when lightning strikes sand. It is sometimes called "petrified lightning." Obviously, fulgurite is imbued with nature's consciousness of rain. Julia's blowing on it activates the energy of rain and the lightning that goes with rain.

Full Text of Reverend Mark's Rain Prayer as Recited in the Video

Let’s begin by chanting Om three times.

We are joining our hearts and minds together gently, lovingly and peacefully in the Light of God. We are feeling each other’s presence and our Oneness in God. We are allowing the Divine to instill a deep peace and lovingness in each of us right now. Om Namah Shivaya.

Our beautiful planet Earth is an actual living Being. Calling with love upon Mother Nature, our intention right now is to create rainfall and snowfall in all the right places to end the drought in the southwestern United States and especially to end the drought emergency California.

We prayerfully embrace and collectively experience the period of earthly time from today through the first day of summer in 2017 as a single moment, which is right now, and in this time we know and experience right now major rainfalls and major snowfalls on three vast geographical regions we will identify in a moment. This precipitation is coming in a manner that supplies all the needed water but without causing flood damage or wind damage, and without overwhelming snow clearing processes, and without damaging any roads, property or infrastructure. Any flash floods are a blessing, and all bridges stand strong as the water rushes beneath them. Days of rain or snow alternate with days of clear skies and sunshine. Rain for two days, no rain for three days, rain for three days, clear for a week, rain for four days, sunny for a day. Like that. And snow where the temperature and other conditions are right for snow. If hail, graupel, sleet or freezing rain fall, they do not cause any serious injury to people, property or infrastructure.

We pray that all the people in these three geographical regions welcome the rain and the snow, even when it is inconvenient or forces travel plans to change. And regarding places outside these three regions where people or property are being harmed by flooding or excessive snow, we pray for Mother Nature to bring relief to those places and instead bring that rain and snow into the three regions we will now identify. Each is a Hydrological Region defined by the United States Geological Survey on the basis of the rivers into which rain water flows, and where those rivers flow.

The first geographical region. With the highest priority for the greatest quantity of water, these rains and snows are falling on all portions of California that lie within watersheds that either (a) are captured by our water systems, and/or (b) supply aquifers that in turn supply water wells. But not so much on watersheds that flow uncaptured into the ocean or flow into salty, endorheic [en-duh-ree-ik] lakes. As a result, the following major reservoirs are refilling to at least 80% of their capacities: Lake Shasta, Trinity Lake, Lake Oroville, Folsom Lake, New Melones Lake, San Luis Lake, Don Pedro Lake, Exchequer Lake, Millerton Lake, Lake Perris, Pine Flat Lake and Castaic Lake. And the minor reservoirs in California that are too numerous to name here are likewise refilling to at least 80% of their capacities. All of the aqueducts supplying the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California are flowing at ample capacity. The California Aqueduct system is flowing at ample capacity to supply Southern California. The Sacramento River and San Joaquin River are providing ample irrigation to the millions of living crops in California’s Great Central Valley. And the delta where those two great California rivers meet is at a healthy level.

The second geographical region. These rains and snows are falling on the entire basin of the Colorado River of the West, including the portions of Colorado, New Mexico and southern Wyoming that lie west of the Great Continental Divide, the portions of Utah and Nevada that lie east or south of the Great Basin Divide, and all of Arizona. As a result, Lake Powell, Lake Mead and all the smaller reservoirs in the Colorado River basin are refilling to at least 80% of their capacities. All aqueducts and channels bringing water from this vast basin to the cities and farms of the southwest are flowing at ample capacity, including to Denver and Las Vegas. The Colorado River Aqueduct is flowing at ample capacity to supply Southern California, especially San Diego. The Central Arizona Project Aqueduct is flowing at ample capacity to supply Phoenix, Tucson and southern Arizona. The All-American Aqueduct is flowing at ample capacity to supply California’s Imperial Valley. And there is sufficient water flowing downstream from Arizona to supply the portions of northern Mexico that rely on the Colorado River.

The third and final geographical region. These rains and snows are falling on those portions of the Great Basin within Western Utah, most of Nevada, and the Eastern edge of California that lie within watersheds supply water for agriculture, human consumption and industry, either via capture by water systems or by supplying aquifers that in turn supply water wells. But not so much on watersheds that flow uncaptured into salty, endorheic lakes. As a result, Salt Lake City and Reno are amply supplied with water, and the Owens River and the Los Angeles Aqueduct are flowing at ample capacity to supply Los Angeles.

We are each joyfully seeing these vast quantities of rain and snow falling in all the places we have identified. We are joyfully seeing lightning flashes and hearing the roar of thunder that follows. We are joyfully hearing the patter of raindrops. We are joyfully feeling them striking on our heads and hands and feeling their wetness. And we are gasping in delight as we see brilliant full rainbows, and double rainbows as the rain still falls. Thousands of rainbows all over the southwest. We are seeing all this rain flowing into streams and rivers, and we are hearing it gushing to the places it is needed. As winter approaches, we are joyfully seeing the whiteness of the falling snow, feeling the softness and coldness of the snowflakes and hearing the newly fallen snow squishing under our feet. As winter becomes spring, we are seeing the snow melt in the sunshine and hearing it trickle into tiny streams, that merge into larger streams, and then merge into rivers. We are seeing the lakes and reservoirs filling rapidly. And we are seeing and hearing water flowing through the rivers and aqueducts. And we are hearing, seeing and reading in the media the good news of all this rainfall and snowfall, and that the great news that drought has ended.

We are knowing that this prayer for rain and snow is for the good of all the people, animals and plants of the southwestern United States. Political differences dissolve and wise long-term water policy is established that is a great blessing to humanity, wildlife and the environment. The government agencies managing our water systems, and all of their employees, agents and subagents, are operating in the Light to wisely and carefully control the reservoirs, dams, aqueducts, valves, siphons, generators and pumps so that all agricultural, industrial, commercial, residential, wildlife and environmental water needs are met both in the short term and over the long term.

While we are in the delicate, prayerful process of creating the needed rainfall, we pray that environmental activists, judges and wildlife regulators who are concerned about protecting the endangered delta smelt fish open their hearts to the larger concern of protecting humanity. We pray that emergency priority be given to keeping agricultural crops alive over letting vast quantities of water flow uncaptured into the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. We pray the delta smelt does not go extinct and that in due time its population is restored, when California’s two great rivers are again able to flow adequately into their delta after meeting all agricultural needs in the Great Central Valley.

Also, if any government agency or private organization has been secretly engaging in any shenanigans to intentionally create the drought—either by geoengineering technology or by surreptitiously draining reservoirs or by any other means—we hereby command you to STOP RIGHT NOW in the names of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and all the enlightened masters, past and present, and Archangel Michael. Om Namah Shivaya. STOP!

Finally, we call on all the guardian angels of the water supply to protect it from pollution and contamination. We pray that the heart of any would-be criminal is transformed before he or she comes near any water system. Om Namah Shivaya. We know and declare that all of the water in these systems is clean and safe all of the time.

We are grateful for this magnificent gift of fresh water in great abundance. Thank you God! Thank you Mother Nature. Halleluiah! In this consciousness of water abundance, we let go of drought fear. We release this magnificent blessing of rain and snow into the law of the Universe and lovingly let it be. Om Namah Shivaya. And so it is. Amen.