Angelic Rain Rituals: Join Us

To End the 2015 California Drought Emergency

Precipitation "Departure from Normal" (DFN) Maps for Jan-May, 2015

The following precipitation maps are accessible on the National Weather Service website (be careful with the setting selected on that site). They show the “departure from normal” (DFN) precipitation for January through May, 2015. Look carefully at the color key, which encodes inches above or below normal... warm colors are below normal, cool colors are above normal.

January (extremely below normal)

February (very below normal, but some relief in the north)

March (extremely below normal)

April (improved, but still below normal in more than half the state, with some red and orange)

May (below normal in one-third of the state, with a few spots above normal)

Precipitation DFN Map for June, 2015

We did our first Angelic Rain Ritual on June 2nd. Over the ensuing month of June, most of the state got back to normal (plus or minus 0.5 inches), except for the northernmost portions. All of the red and orange is gone!

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