Angelic Rain Rituals: Join Us

To End the 2015 California Drought Emergency

Rain Making Success!

Are we creating rain miracles in the midst of California's drought emergency? Here at The Legacy of the Angeles, we’ve done four Angelic Rain Rituals, and it seems like we've succeeded four times (scroll down to see)! We are deeply grateful to God and to Mother Nature!!

Introductory Video (2 minutes)

Our rain rituals are performed by Reverend Mark Laurence Donald Emerson and Reverend Julia Greenhalgh.

Lake Shasta Hits 87% of Its Capacity!!!.

For ten months now (June 2015 thru March 2016), we have been doing regular rain rituals. In our rituals declare, "the following major reservoirs are refilling to at least 80% of their capacities: Lake Shasta, Trinity Lake, Lake Oroville, Folsom Lake, New Melones Lake, San Luis Lake, Don Pedro Lake, Exchequer Lake, Millerton Lake, Lake Perris, Pine Flat Lake and Castaic Lake. And the minor reservoirs in California that are too numerous to name here are likewise refilling to at least 80% of their capacities." Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, on March 24, 2016, Lake Shasta hit 87%!!!!!

Looking Good in January 2015

Although we cannot prove anything, we are beginning to see some serious precipitation in the RIGHT places (i.e. in watersheds that lead to the major reservoirs). The following map shows total precipitation in December 2015, and the one after it shows the departure from normal for the same period:

On December 30th, Sacramento, California station KCRA-TV reported that the average snowpack in the High Sierra county of El Dorado, California is 136% of what it was last year!! This is extremely good news! This snowpack will help to refill Folsom Lake (which is one of the large reserviors we name in our Rain Ritual).

Our Rain Rituals Focus on Three Vast Geographical Regions.

In all our rituals, we pray for rain in three vast areas called Hydrological Regions. They are defined by the United States Geological Survey on the basis of which rivers rain water flows into, and where those rivers flow.

  1. California (yellow),
  2. Colorado River Basin--Upper (darker brown): southern Wyoming, western Colorado, eastern Utah; and Lower (purple): south eastern Nevada, western New Mexico, and all of Arizona (note: the Colorado River supplies a lot of water to Southern California), and
  3. Great Basin (green): western Utah, most of Nevada and bits of eastern California (note: the Owen's River lies within the Great Basin and supplies water to Los Angeles).

After Our First Ritual on June 2, 2015: Precipitation Increased Significantly

According to precipitation maps accessible on the National Weather Service website, the “departure from normal” (DFN) precipitation for each month this year from January through May did not look good. Rainfall was WAY below normal, and in some of those months, vast areas of the state were 5–8 inches below normal. When winter and spring rains should have been falling in California, they were not. Click here to see these maps.

We did our first rain ritual on June 2nd. Did this turn the tide? Well, the DFN for June shows a return to normal (plus or minus 0.5 inches) for about 48 of California’s 58 counties, with the remaining 10 northernmost counties just 1–2 inches below normal. Click here to see the map.

After Our Second Ritual on June 30, 2015: Summer Snow and Hurricane Dolores

Very little rain fell in California on the five days up to and including our second ritual (evening of June 30th). But the next day there was rain in 7 California counties, including throughout San Bernardino County, the largest in the nation. Rain continued to fall on large portions of California for the next several days. Click here to see these maps.

Then, on July 9th, SUMMER SNOW fell in the High Sierras in central eastern California, temporarily closing the Tioga Road to Yosemite.

Two days after that, on July 11th Hurricane Dolores developed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico.

Fortunately, Dolores never hit the mainland. So far as we know, Dolores caused no direct injury or damage, although it passed over Mexico's Socorro Island (population 45).

After Our Third Ritual on July 18, 2015: Record-Breaking Rains!

The outskirts of Dolores brought, beginning on the day of our third ritual (July 18) and continuing through the next day (July 19), record-breaking July rains throughout the southern half of California, the entire Colorado River basin, and about one-third of the Great Basin. We give thanks to God for answered prayer! Halleluiah!

News of the rain was at the top of Drudge Report, a leading new aggregation site:

which linked to this Associated Press report.

Although flash flooding collapsed a bridge on Interstate 10 in California just west of the Arizona border, we are grateful that no one was seriously injured. In response we have revised our rain ritual to protect infrastructure. We pray that the bridge is rapidly repaired, and Interstate 10 is soon safely reopened.

Here is the precipitation on July 19th, the day after our third rain ritual, as reported by the National Weather Service website (be careful with the setting selected on that site, and look carefully at the color coding):

July 19, 2015 Precipitation

After Our Fourth Ritual on July 28, 2015: Rain, Hail and Flash Floods in the Southland!

Our fourth rain ritual was on July 28th. Two days later on July 30th:

Pictures of Our Fourth Rain Ritual on Jul 28, 2015

Ten People Participated.

Excellent July Results Are Now in from the National Weather Service!

The following two precipitation maps are accessible on the National Weather Service website (again, be careful with the setting selected on that site, and look carefully at the color coding).

Our first four rain rituals were done on June 2, June 30, July 18 and July 28, 2015. The two maps, which show the total monthly precipitation for July 2014 and July 2015, indicate massively more rain during July of THIS year than during July of LAST year:

July 2014 Total Precipitation (LAST Year)

July 2015 Total Precipitation... Stunning Improvement in California and Nevada!

Downpour After Our Seventh Ritual on October 11, 2015

Our fifth and sixth rain rituals on August 11, 2015 and September 12, 2015 did not produce any immediate rainfall. However, as detailed below, we are not praying for instant results, but rather to end the drought.

We did our seventh rain ritual on October 11, 2015. Five days later on October 16th there was substantial rainfall in sourthern California.

October 16, 2015 Precipitation

Did Our Rain Rituals CAUSE All This Rain, Snow and Hail?

Something appears to be working, and that is extremely encouraging. And there is no question that we are GRATEFUL to God, the Angels and Mother Nature for all this rain!

However, we don't yet have enough information to scientifically establish (within a reasonable probability limit) a causal link between our rituals and the precipitation that followed. That leaves it to YOU to decide to what extent our rain rituals are influencing the weather.

Also, in our rain ritual we do not pray for instant results. Rather we pray for sufficient TOTAL precipitation over the next TWO YEARS (through the first day of summer 2017) to fill the reservoirs to at least 80% of their capacities, and to fill all the aquifers that supply water wells. This total precipitation includes the upcoming autumn, winter and spring of this year and next, which are likely to be rainier and snowier than the summers. It is wonderfully inspiring that we got such quick and spectacular results, four out of four times. But to decide whether our prayers are being answered, what really counts is the results over the months ahead.

May we be blessed that rain and snow keep falling in the Southwest! Amen!

Join Us!

We obviously have a LOT more work to do. Would you care to join us? If so, please explore this website and learn what you can do. To see a video of our rain ritual, first click here.

God bless you and your dear ones.