Angelic Rain Rituals: Join Us

To End the 2015 California Drought Emergency

How You Can Help to End the Drought

If you believe in God and the power of prayer, then please help us end the drought. Putting your conscious intent on making rainfall and snowfall will definitely have a positive influence the weather. This page lists seven ways you can help us make rain.

1. Watch our rain ritual video prayerfully and meditatively.

YOU are powerful! The simple act of YOUR viewing our Angelic Rain Ritual video will contribute to increasing rainfall and snowfall. Click here to see the Video, and follow the guidelines. The video is NOT for entertainment, and for some people might even seem boring... its purpose is to MAKE RAIN! Please watch it in a prayerful, meditative state!

Watching the video repeatedly, in a prayerful and meditative state, will increase the power of the rainmaking.

2. Organize a group and watch the rain ritual video together.

There is power in numbers, and this includes prayer. The larger the group of people that come together in prayer and meditation, the more powerful the result. .

Get your friends, work associates or church congregation together and watch the video as a group.

3. Perform your own rain ritual.

Reverends Mark and Julia obviously have NO "monopoly" on rain making rituals! If you have a gift for leading prayer and/or meditation, then you can do it too! Just mimic our rain ritual. Or create your own from scratch (like we did). Invite your friends. Repeat again and again!

4. If you're in Los Angeles, come to our worship services.

The Legacy of the Angels (LOTA) holds worship services twice a month in Culver City, California (a suburb of Los Angeles). Currently, the rain ritual is the central component of our services. Click here for more info on our services.

5. Subscribe to Our Rainmaking Email List.

If you subscribe to our email list, you will receive email updates about our rainmaking, as well as other LOTA projects. We do NOT sell or share our email lists.

6. Spread the word.

Please post the following link to this website on your Facebook timeline or other social media site, or email it to your friends:

We also have a Facebook page. Please like us.

7. Engage us to come to your location to perform a customized ritual.

Are you a farmer who is desperate for water?

Are you an industrial water user, whose water supply is threatened?

Are you a government water official who wants there to be enough water for everyone?

Are you a water attorney who represents clients fighting for water?

Are you worried that the environment or wildlife will be harmed by the drought?

Are you living on parched rural land, where your wells have gone dry?

Do you belong to a church or synagogue or spiritual group that is praying for rain?

Contact us if you would like to engage Reverends Mark and Julia to travel to your area and perform our Angelic Rain Ritual in your home, office, place of worship, or outdoors on the land. We will tailor the ritual specifically to your local geography, property, people and water requirements. We do charge a fee for this service, plus travel expenses.

God bless you and your dear ones.