Angelic Rain Rituals: Join Us

To End the 2015 California Drought Emergency

About Us

The Legacy of the Angels (LOTA) is a spiritual organization of "Angels" broadly devoted to uplifting humankind and eliminating needless human suffering.

LOTA defines "Angel" as any Being (human or non-human) who is sincerely devoted to serving God on the basis of Love, Goodness, Truth, Peace, Joy, Caring and Generosity. We, as Angels, are doing the work to heal the planet and lift it into the Light.


The LOTA vision is vast and includes the transformation of many fields and industries into the Light, including:

  • Computing (e.g. AngelBase)
  • Science (e.g. The G Proof)
  • Industrial finance (e.g. Sacred Venture Investing)
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Arts and entertainment
  • News reporting
  • Education
  • World population
  • Prisons
  • Taxation
  • Money
  • Law
  • Government

LOTA is governed by its Board of Seraphim, which currently has eleven members. The Board controls several corporations that encompass the LOTA Vision.

Worship Services

Our Services are held twice a month and typically last about one hour. Services focus on (a) rituals that are performed to accomplish specific spiritual purposes (right now, Angelic Rain Rituals), and (b) discussion on a spiritual topic.

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Reverend Mark Laurence Donald Emerson

Reverend Mark is the founder and "Chief Angel" of LOTA. His life's work is to unfold a large-scale, multi-faceted global vision to uplift humanity. He created LOTA as the primary vehicle for doing so. Click here for more information on Reverend Mark.

Reverend Julia Greenhalgh

Reverend Julia is a Light Worker, a hands-on healer, and a member of LOTA's Board of Seraphim. She is tremendously excited to be doing ritual work with Reverend Mark.

God bless you and your dear ones.